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The “ handmade” island, as called by the philosopher Kornilios kostoriadis, is located in North Cyclades. It is the third Cycladic Island in size and it is 195 square kilometers.
The perimeter of its coast line is 114 kilometers and it is located south-eastern of Andros and north- western of Myconos.
Tinos is separated with the famous pass of Andros-Tinos. It has a population of 8.574 people, according to the census of 2001. The majority of its population ( 4.934) lives in the town of Tinos, while the rest inhabitants live in the villages of the island.

Tinos is divided into four geographical areas:
1. The town of Tinos
2. The Pano meri - Southeastern part of the island
3. The Kato meri - North part of the island
4. The Exo meri - West part of the island

The island consists of two municipalities and a community.
1. The Municipality of Tinos which consists of the town of Tinos, the traditional villages of Mountados, Karia, Mperdemiaros, Triandaros, Dio Horia, Arnados, Monastery of Kehrovouni, Skilantar, St. Sostis, St. Ioannis Porto and Lihnaftia.
2. The Municipality of Exompourfo which consists of the traditional villages Ksinara, Loutra, Krokos, Sklavoxorio, Agapi, Perastra, Komi, Kato Kleisma, Karkados, Aetofolia, Kalloni, Kardiani, Ysternia, Smardakito, Tarabados, Kampos, Hatzirados, Ktikados, Tripotamos, Sberados, Tzados, Kehros, Messi, Steni, Falatados, Kathlikaros, Mirsini, Potamia, Vathi, Giannakis Coast, St. Romanos and Kolimpithra.
3. The Community of Panormos which consists of the villages Platheia, Venarnados, Pyrgos, Marlas, Mamados and Panormos.

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